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Railroad Information Integrated-Service and Its Knowledge-Base Construction Method based on Passengers Needs Analysis
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 Title & Authors
Railroad Information Integrated-Service and Its Knowledge-Base Construction Method based on Passengers Needs Analysis
Shon, Woo-Yong; An, Tae-Ki; Ahn, Chi-Hyung; Lee, Won-Goo; Kim, Sam-Taek;
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The railroad is one of the most popular means of transport. Howerver, railroad agencies are managing the railroad information and provide its service respectively. That is, because of managing the different information and its type, The user will not receive the correct and integrated information. In this study, We figure out the needs of passengers that they want in railroad service and seek an integrated service plan that railroad passengers can use the railroad information service at a time, at a glance and in one place. Also, we investigate the knowledge-base construction to provide a knowledge map service to railroad passengers.
Railroad Information;Ontology Modeling;Knowledge-Based;Knowledge Map;
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