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Jeju Jong-Nang Channel Code IV
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 Title & Authors
Jeju Jong-Nang Channel Code IV
Park, Ju-Yong; Kim, Jeong-Su; Lee, Moon-Ho;
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We had introduced the backgrounds, history and physical meanings of Jong Nang in "Jeju Jong Nang Channel Code I, II and III". In "Jeju Jong Nang Channel Code II" paper, we have introduced practical the root of digital human binary coded Jong Nang communications as the wooden gate in Korea Jeju Island custom and investigated Jong Nang gatemodels as an approximation of the AWGN model. The objective was to find a deterministic model, which was accessible to analysis the capacity. Jong Nang communications mean the normal 3 rafters placed on two vertical stones with three holes to convey the family`s whereabouts that is deterministic signal. In this paper we find the capacity of deterministic signal processing about the linear deterministic signals approximately.
Shannon Gauss channel;Approach linear-deterministic to channel capacity;
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