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Pub/Sub-based Sensor virtualization framework for Cloud environment
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 Title & Authors
Pub/Sub-based Sensor virtualization framework for Cloud environment
Ullah, Mohammad Hasmat; Park, Sung-Soon; Nob, Jaechun; Kim, Gyeong Hun;
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The interaction between wireless sensors such as Internet of Things (IoT) and Cloud is a new paradigm of communication virtualization to overcome resource and efficiency restriction. Cloud computing provides unlimited platform, resources, services and also covers almost every area of computing. On the other hand, Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) has gained attention for their potential supports and attractive solutions such as IoT, environment monitoring, healthcare, military, critical infrastructure monitoring, home and industrial automation, transportation, business, etc. Besides, our virtual groups and social networks are in main role of information sharing. However, this sensor network lacks resource, storage capacity and computational power along with extensibility, fault-tolerance, reliability and openness. These data are not available to community groups or cloud environment for general purpose research or utilization yet. If we reduce the gap between real and virtual world by adding this WSN driven data to cloud environment and virtual communities, then it can gain a remarkable attention from all over, along with giving us the benefit in various sectors. We have proposed a Pub/Sub-based sensor virtualization framework Cloud environment. This integration provides resource, service, and storage with sensor driven data to the community. We have virtualized physical sensors as virtual sensors on cloud computing, while this middleware and virtual sensors are provisioned automatically to end users whenever they required. Our architecture provides service to end users without being concerned about its implementation details. Furthermore, we have proposed an efficient content-based event matching algorithm to analyze subscriptions and to publish proper contents in a cost-effective manner. We have evaluated our algorithm which shows better performance while comparing to that of previously proposed algorithms.
Sensor Network;Cloud computing;Pub/Sub middleware;
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