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A study of keep the Secret information of Random Sized Images from using Indestructible Security
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 Title & Authors
A study of keep the Secret information of Random Sized Images from using Indestructible Security
Woo, Seon-mi; Lee, Malrey; Lee, Hyang Ran;
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The information is to be considered as important part of any network, the communication nodes within network can able to communicate and transmit information by the means of configured LAN/WAN, or/and using internet technology. Thus, vast enhancement has been made in- exchanging of information over transmission media, this should be beneficial in various disciplines of modern client/server applications but at other side, several massive vulnerabilities have been directly/in-directly associated with them. To resolve the security issues, a security mechanism is proposed which hide the sensitive information of images before transmitting to networks. Random size image samples have used and encrypted to protect them from unauthorized entities. The encryption mechanism manipulates the sample images, and corresponding secret codes are generated which help to protect the images from adversaries. To provide an indestructible security mechanism, cryptography algorithms are deployed and considered as best solutions to keep the secret information of images.
Local Area Network/Wide Area Network;Images Hiding;Security mechanisms;Secret codes;Security issues;
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