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Adaptive Time Delay Compensation Process in Networked Control System
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 Title & Authors
Adaptive Time Delay Compensation Process in Networked Control System
Kim, Yong-Gil; Moon, Kyung-Il;
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Networked Control System (NCS) has evolved in the past decade through the advances in communication technology. The problems involved in NCS are broadly classified into two categories namely network issues due to network and control performance due to system network. The network problems are related to bandwidth allocation, scheduling and network security, and the control problems deal with stability analysis and delay compensation. Various delays with variable length occur due to sharing a common network medium. Though most delays are very less and mostly neglected, the network induced delay is significant. It occurs when sensors, actuators, and controllers exchange data packet across the communication network. Networked induced delay arises from sensor to controller and controller to actuator. This paper presents an adaptive delay compensation process for efficient control. Though Smith predictor has been commonly used as dead time compensators, it is not adaptive to match with the stochastic behavior of network characteristics. Time delay adaptive compensation gives an effective control to solve dead time, and creates a virtual environment using the plant model and computed delay which is used to compensate the effect of delay. This approach is simulated using TrueTime simulator that is a Matlab Simulink based simulator facilitates co-simulation of controller task execution in real-time kernels, network transmissions and continuous plant dynamics for NCS. The simulation result is analyzed, and it is confirmed that this control provides good performance.
Networked Control System;Delay;Adaptive compensation;True Time;
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