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A Design of DBaaS-Based Collaboration System for Big Data Processing
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 Title & Authors
A Design of DBaaS-Based Collaboration System for Big Data Processing
Jung, Yean-Woo; Lee, Jong-Yong; Jung, Kye-Dong;
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With the recent growth in cloud computing, big data processing and collaboration between businesses are emerging as new paradigms in the IT industry. In an environment where a large amount of data is generated in real time, such as SNS, big data processing techniques are useful in extracting the valid data. MapReduce is a good example of such a programming model used in big data extraction. With the growing collaboration between companies, problems of duplication and heterogeneity among data due to the integration of old and new information storage systems have arisen. These problems arise because of the differences in existing databases across the various companies. However, these problems can be negated by implementing the MapReduce technique. This paper proposes a collaboration system based on Database as a Service, or DBaaS, to solve problems in data integration for collaboration between companies. The proposed system can reduce the overhead in data integration, while being applied to structured and unstructured data.
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