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Development of Traffic Safety Monitoring Technique by Detection and Analysis of Hazardous Driving Events in V2X Environment
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 Title & Authors
Development of Traffic Safety Monitoring Technique by Detection and Analysis of Hazardous Driving Events in V2X Environment
Jeong, Eunbi; Oh, Cheol; Kang, Kyeongpyo; Kang, Younsoo;
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Traffic management centers (TMC) collect real-time traffic data from the field and have powerful databases for analysing, recording, and archiving the data. Recent advanced sensor and communication technologies have been widely applied to intelligent transportation systems (ITS). Regarding sensors, various in-vehicle sensors, in addition to global positioning system (GPS) receiver, are capable of providing high resolution data representing vehicle maneuverings. Regarding communication technologies, advanced wireless communication technologies including vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-vehicle infrastructure (V2I), which are generally referred to as V2X, have been widely used for traffic information and operations (references). The V2X environment considers the transportation system as a network in which each element, such as the vehicles, infrastructure, and drivers, communicates and reacts systematically to acquire information without any time and/or place restrictions. This study is motivated by needs of exploiting aforementioned cutting-edge technologies for developing smarter transportation services. The proposed system has been implemented in the field and discussed in this study. The proposed system is expected to be used effectively to support the development of various traffic information control strategies for the purpose of enhancing traffic safety on highways.
V2X wireless communication;traffic safety monitoring;hazardous driving;unsafe driving index;transportation management center;
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