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An Empirical Study on Factors Affecting Customer Intention to Use Mobile Payment System in Vietnam
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 Title & Authors
An Empirical Study on Factors Affecting Customer Intention to Use Mobile Payment System in Vietnam
Nguyen, Phuong Y; Lee, Sung Taek; Kang, Wi Man; Kim, Jeong Suk; Gim, Gwang Yong;
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Nowadays, mobile commerce is having an increasingly profound impact on our daily lives, and offer interesting and advantageous new services. Mobile payment is an emerging and important application of mobile commerce in smart work, enabling users to use their mobile devices (especially mobile phones) for paying goods and services wherever they go. The appearance of m-payment is expected to provide us a convenient and bright future to enjoy. That is the common trend on over the world, but in Vietnam, although the number of smart phone users has been increasing rapidly, the adoption of m-payment system still didn`t succeed completely. The research reviewed literature regarding mobile payment services, analyzed the impact of customer characteristics and system characteristics on m-payment adoption in Vietnam. To analyze the adoption behaviors of m-payment users, m-payment research model which consists of three customer-characteristics (m-payment trust, personal innovativeness, m-payment knowledge) and four m-payment system characteristics (mobility, reachability, convenience, compatibility) were studied. The results indicate that perceived usefulness, trust, and compatibility are the important predictors to the intention to use m-payment. This study will assist m-payment services suppliers in implementing appropriate business models and service strategies to successfully attract customer to use m-payment in Vietnam, allowing managers to exert appropriate investment, time, and effort for m-payment system development in designing smart working.
Vietnam Mobile Payment;Customer Characteristics;System Characteristics;Intend to Use;
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