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Demand Forecasting for B2B Electronic Products : The Case of Personal Computer Market
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Demand Forecasting for B2B Electronic Products : The Case of Personal Computer Market
Moon, Jeongwoong; Chang, Namsik; Cho, Wooje;
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As the uncertainty of demand in B2B electronics market has increased, firms need a strong method to estimate the market demand. An accurate prediction on the market demand is crucial for a firm not to overproduce or underproduce its goods, which would influence the performance of the firm. However, it is complicated to estimate the demand in a B2B market, particularly for the private sector, because firms are very diverse in terms of size, industry, and types of business. This study proposes both qualitative and quantitative demand forecasting approaches for B2B PC products. Four different measures for predicting PC products in B2B market with consideration of the different PC uses-personal work, common work, promotion, and welfare-are developed as the qualitative model`s input variables. These measures are verified by survey data collected from experts in 139 firms, and can be applied when individual firms estimate the demand of PC goods in a B2B market. As the quantitative approach, the multiple regression model is proposed and it includes variables of region, type of industry, and size of the firm. The regression model can be applied when the aggregated demand for overall domestic PC market needs to be estimated.
Demand Forecasting;B2B Electronic Products;Qualitative Approach;Quantitative Approach;Multiple Regression;
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