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A Study on the Weights of Capability Evaluation Model for IT Consultant to Implement IT Consulting Service
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 Title & Authors
A Study on the Weights of Capability Evaluation Model for IT Consultant to Implement IT Consulting Service
Jin, Seung Hoo; Kim, Wanki;
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This paper has explored the analyzing and defining the core competencies of IT consultants who carry out IT consulting projects which desperately are needed by companies to survive in business competitions. Many companies have used IT consultants for their IT projects to achieve their project objectives. The problem of this is the results of IT projects carried out by IT consultants from the recognized consulting firms are quite often criticized by many clients who pay high price for hiring IT consultants. The purpose of this paper is that to weight of capability evaluation model for IT consultants. To define the capability model, I conducted the surveys from the IT professionals by the interview and e-mails. The result of this, this paper defines what core skills IT consultants should have to perform well when they carry out the IT projects. There are 6 major skills and 17 sub skills IT consultants should have in succeeding IT projects. 6 major skills are job competence skill, communication skill, business attitude, vocational values, job performance skill, leadership skill and related 17 sub skill are defined. With the capability evaluation model, the managers who are in the charge of incubating and enhancing the capability of IT consultants in the large corporation and also small, medium companies will utilize their companies` strength to get the advantage on the business competition.
IT Consulting;IT Service;Capability Evaluation Model;IT Consultant;IT Project;
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