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The Study on a Notification Service for Preventing Accidents Using an Analysis for Stress of Enlisted Men in Korean Army
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 Title & Authors
The Study on a Notification Service for Preventing Accidents Using an Analysis for Stress of Enlisted Men in Korean Army
Moon, Hoseok; Im, Yooshin;
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The purpose of this paper is to propose a notification service for preventing unexpected accidents which will be occurred by enlisted men`s stress in Korean Army. For this purpose we first evaluate the enlisted men`s stress with reliable evaluation tools through survey. A representative sample size of about 1,500 enlisted men from all seven unit types was selected and surveyed considering types of unit, ranks, and regional characteristics. In the second, we analyse the results of level of stresses and stress reactions to distinguish high potential enlisted men who will happen to accident. Through the second step, we know enlisted men`s stress reactions are different depending their unit types. Therefore the basic information about their stresses will be judged respectively according to their unit types. In the final step, we propose a notification service that offer the information about high potential enlisted men who will happen to accident to their managers rapidly through military Intranet and information systems. Their managers will get the previous information about occurrence of unexpected accidents and have time to check various things before they are occurred. We hope the proposed service contributes to prevent unexpected accidents and reduce the effort of military managers. Furthermore this paper offers several recommendations to apply the proposed service to Korean Army.
Enlisted Men;Level of Stress;Military Information System;Military Officers;Notification Service;Stress Reactions;
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