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A Study on Mobile Application Advertising Users` Perceived Perception and Service Recovery
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 Title & Authors
A Study on Mobile Application Advertising Users` Perceived Perception and Service Recovery
Kang, Moonyoung; Chi, Yongshou; Lim, Sungeun; Han, Kyeongseok;
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In general, service failure occurs inevitably and the customers who experienced the greater dissatisfaction have the higher expectations of service recovery. However, most of the previous studies have focused on the evaluation and risk factors of pre-service quality. Thus, this study is contrary to the numerous previous studies and focus on the effectiveness of mobile application advertisement users` perceived perception on service recovery after service fails. A research model presented in this study is based on the Equity Theory and deeply evaluated the effectiveness of Distributive Justice, Interactional Justice, and Authenticity Relevance on Service Recovery. The survey of this study was conducted among 286 users who have experienced a services recovery of mobile application advertising. As a result, among all the factors of users of mobile application advertising, Distributive Justice, Interactive Justice, and Relevance have a positive impact to Satisfaction. In addition, Distributive Justice, Authenticity and Satisfaction also have a positive impact to Trust. Ultimately, Satisfaction and Trust have a positive impact to Service Recovery. The results of this study are expected as a reference for presenting a new business model for mobile application advertising industry, reducing business risk and enriching the related researches.
Mobile Advertising;Mobile Application Advertising;Service Recovery;
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