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The Effect of Hospital Web Service Quality on Initial Trust and Off-line Visit Intention: Focusing on Medium and Small Size Hospital
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The Effect of Hospital Web Service Quality on Initial Trust and Off-line Visit Intention: Focusing on Medium and Small Size Hospital
Kim, Sang-Han; Cho, Chul-Ho;
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Purpose: Present study was designed to examine the casual relationships among web service quality, customer satisfaction, initial trust and off-line visit intention in hospital website. Research object was limited to web service quality of general hospital. We applied path analysis model in order to test the hypotheses and research model. Methods: Survey tool, that is, Questionnaire had obtained validity through literature survey, exploratory survey and pretest and sample 320 was selected. For statistical treatment of pretest and main analysis, SPSS18.0 and AMOS18.0 were employed and Structural equation model was employed as analysis method. Results: Result of this study shows as follows. Factors of web service quality have an effect on customer satisfaction and initial trust, both of customer satisfaction and initial trust have an effect on off-line visit intention. Also customer satisfaction affects initial trust. Especially, customer satisfaction and initial trust were empirically confirmed as the important factors preceding off-line vis it intention. Conclusion: Therefore, present study shows that customer satisfaction and initial trust are important factors that medium and small size hospitals have to emphasize to raise performance. However, present study has some limitations to additionally research in the future.
Hospital Website;Service Quality;Initial Trust;Customer Satisfaction;Off-line Visit Intention;
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품질경영학회 50주년 특별호: 서비스품질 분야 연구 리뷰,김연성;

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