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A Study on the Effects of Innovation Competency on the Management Quality Activities Based on Malcolm Baldrige Model
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 Title & Authors
A Study on the Effects of Innovation Competency on the Management Quality Activities Based on Malcolm Baldrige Model
Oh, Jae Won; Kim, Kwang Soo;
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Purpose: This study was designed to identify whether organizational characteristics of Korean companies can make differences in innovative capability and Malcolm Baldridge management quality standard. In addition, based on the results and by verifying the influence of the innovative capability to management quality activity, it was to investigate the relations between the two factors. Methods: The subjects of this study were workers at major companies and small-and-medium sized companies. T-test was used to identify differences in innovative capabilities of industrial and age, position classifications, and regression analysis was employed to verify the influences of the innovative capability to the management quality activity. Results: The size of company caused some differences in market innovative sector regarding innovative capability. Management quality activity showed differences because of the sizes of companies and their supply types, while innovative capability influenced on all sectors of management quality activity. Conclusion: In this study Malcolm Baldridge management quality standard was applied to Korean companies. The results verified the meaningful influence of innovative capability to management quality activity. This means that the management quality activity can make a better performance when the innovative capability is good enough. Thus, the enhancement of management quality activity requires the boost of innovative capabilities of organization members.
Innovation;Innovative Capability;Management Quality;Malcolm Baldridge;
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말콤 볼드리지 모형을 이용한 2차 의료기관의 전사적 품질관리와 성과 간의 인과관계 연구,권준덕;윤치호;오현종;박범규;김양균;

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