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A Study of Integration of Total Quality Management and Technology Management - Activation of Corporate Social Responsibility based on Relationship of Indirect Employment and CSR
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 Title & Authors
A Study of Integration of Total Quality Management and Technology Management - Activation of Corporate Social Responsibility based on Relationship of Indirect Employment and CSR
Park, Jong-Pil; Kim, Hyung-Wook; Lee, Yung-Kwan;
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Purpose: The purpose of this study is to show whether there is a relationship between companies that promote CSR and hire indirectly as opposed to companies that only hire directly. Research results show that it is actually beneficial for the economy when companies implement the CSR, especially during times of economic recession. Methods: We have used data by collecting from the top 100 companies in Korea, which are the number of permanent employees, stock market registrations, companies that implemented the CSR, hiring directly and indirectly, etc., and analyzed them to carry out the regression analysis. Results: Research has shown that when companies implement the CSR and has many permanent employees, they also tend to hire employees indirectly. Conclusion: In the views of the whole economy, utilizing indirect hiring of employees can be a useful alternative, which can be accomplished by implementing CSR, and it must be recognized as the reason for producing more job opportunities within economies.
Indirect Employment;Direct Employment;Outsourcing;Corporate Social Responsibility;
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