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Understanding and Reducing Performance Variation in New Product Development Using Paper Helicopter Experiment
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 Title & Authors
Understanding and Reducing Performance Variation in New Product Development Using Paper Helicopter Experiment
Shin, Byung-Cheol; Kim, Si-Ung; Jeong, Sun Min; Byun, Jai-Hyun; Nam, Yong-Seog;
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Purpose: In developing new products, reducing performance variation is important for competitiveness factors such as quality, cost, and delivery. This paper aims at evaluating three performance variations; measurement, performance evaluation, and manufacturing variations, and then improving product and process design, focused on paper helicopter making case study. Methods: For measurement system analysis, gage R&R (repeatability and reproducibility), linearity, stability are evaluated. Since gage R&R are not satisfactory, the measurement system is improved by adopting voice memos application of iPhone and providing standard measurement procedure. To evaluate performance variation, product deterioration and environment factor (wind speed) is considered. Since the existing design is sensitive to these noise factors, a new product design is developed, which is proven to be robust to the noise factors. Finally, manufacturing variations are evaluated with five factors which can cause variation in flight time. To reduce the impact of three significant factors, three improvement methods are applied. Results: Three performance variations are evaluated and robust paper helicopter design is presented. Conclusion: To reduce measurement and process variations, improved measurement method and paper helicopter making procedure are proposed. A new product design is also presented which is robust to deterioration and environmental variation. This paper is expected to benefit students and practitioners who want to have hands-on knowledge on new product quality improvement.
Product Development Quality;Measurement System Analysis;Performance Evaluation Variation;Manufacturing Variation;Paper Helicopter Experiment;
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