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Real-time Streaming and Remote Control for the Smart Door-Lock System based on Internet of Things
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 Title & Authors
Real-time Streaming and Remote Control for the Smart Door-Lock System based on Internet of Things
Lee, Sung-Won; Yu, Je-Hun; Sim, Kwee-Bo;
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In this paper, we implemented the smart door lock system that control remotely devices using the concept of internet of things. Internet of things is intelligent system that can help devices to communicate with people and devices. And recently internet of things is getting attention because of advance of hardware technology and big data. The smart doorlock system based on internet of things used raspberry pi, sensor and doorlock. Using the smart phone, doorlock can be controlled from the raspberry pi server. And the user can identify some people that is in front of doorlock. also user can check around of doorlock in realtime using the raspberry pi camera.
Door Lock;IoT;TCP / IP protocol;GCM(Google Cloud Message);Raspberry Pi;
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