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Sampled-Data Controller Design for Nonlinear Systems Including Singular Perturbation in Takagi-Sugeno Form
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 Title & Authors
Sampled-Data Controller Design for Nonlinear Systems Including Singular Perturbation in Takagi-Sugeno Form
Moon, Ji Hyun; Lee, Jaejun; Lee, Ho Jae;
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This paper discusses a sampled-data controller design problem for nonlinear systems including singular perturbation. The concerned system is assumed to be modeled in Takagi--Sugeno (T--S) form. By introducing a novel Lyapunov function and an identity equation, the stability of the sampled-data closed-loop dynamics of the singularly perturbed T--S fuzzy system is analyzed. The design condition is represented in terms of linear matrix inequalities. A few discussions on the development are made that propose future research topics. Numerical simulation shows the effectiveness of the proposed method.
Takagi--Sugeno (T--S) fuzzy systems;Singular perturbation;Sampled-data control;Linear matrix inequality;
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