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Development of Library Management System based on a Mobile Robot
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 Title & Authors
Development of Library Management System based on a Mobile Robot
Kim, A-Ram; Lee, Se-Han; Rhee, Sang-Yong;
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In this paper, we propose a method for verifying the location of the books in working order to enhance the effiency of library management. On open libraries, occasionally people relocate the book by mistake or intention after reading one. In this occasion, the book is assorted as a lost property and cannot be lended to others, even though it is still in the library. To solve this problem, the system we propose takes an image of the book selves by a mobile robot and extracts the classifying information of the book. After comparison between current location of the book and assigned location of the library database, information of the mislocated books is notified to the librarian.
Computer Vision;Library Management;Mobile Robot;Database;OCR;
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