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Forecasting the Precipitation of the Next Day Using Deep Learning
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 Title & Authors
Forecasting the Precipitation of the Next Day Using Deep Learning
Ha, Ji-Hun; Lee, Yong Hee; Kim, Yong-Hyuk;
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For accurate precipitation forecasts the choice of weather factors and prediction method is very important. Recently, machine learning has been widely used for forecasting precipitation, and artificial neural network, one of machine learning techniques, showed good performance. In this paper, we suggest a new method for forecasting precipitation using DBN, one of deep learning techniques. DBN has an advantage that initial weights are set by unsupervised learning, so this compensates for the defects of artificial neural networks. We used past precipitation, temperature, and the parameters of the sun and moon`s motion as features for forecasting precipitation. The dataset consists of observation data which had been measured for 40 years from AWS in Seoul. Experiments were based on 8-fold cross validation. As a result of estimation, we got probabilities of test dataset, so threshold was used for the decision of precipitation. CSI and Bias were used for indicating the precision of precipitation. Our experimental results showed that DBN performed better than MLP.
Deep learning;Deep belief network;Precipitation;Forecast;
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소형 자동기상관측장비(Mini-AWS) 기압자료 보정 기법,하지훈;김용혁;임효혁;최덕환;이용희;

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