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Effects of Reactive Gas Addition on the Mechanical Property and Water Permeability of IZO Films Deposited by DC Sputtering for Application to Flexible OLED
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 Title & Authors
Effects of Reactive Gas Addition on the Mechanical Property and Water Permeability of IZO Films Deposited by DC Sputtering for Application to Flexible OLED
Cheon, Ko-Eun; Lee, Dong-Yeop; Cho, Young-Rae; Song, Pung-Keun;
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Amorphous IZO films were deposited on PET substrate by DC magnetron sputtering without substrate heating. In order to investigate effect of reactive gas addition on film properties, 0.2-0.4% of or gas was introduced during the deposition. Deposited IZO films were evaluated with mechanical property, electrical property, and water permeability. In the case of gas addition, mechanical property showed clear degradation compared to gas. In the case of gas, water permeability of the IZO film was increased compared to gas which could be attributed to the low adhesion of the film caused by bombardment of high energy negative oxygen ion. As a result, it is confirmed that water permeability of the film could be strongly affected by adhesion of the film.
OLED;IZO;TCO;Bending test;Mechanical property;Water permeability;DC magnetron sputtering;
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DC마그네트론 스퍼터링법으로 PET 기판위에 저온 증착한 ITO박막의 비저항과 굽힘 저항성에 대한 RF인가의 영향,박미랑;이성훈;김도근;이건환;송풍근;

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