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Electrochemical Properties of Ti-30Ta-(3~15)Nb Alloys Coated by HA/Ti Compound Layer
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Electrochemical Properties of Ti-30Ta-(3~15)Nb Alloys Coated by HA/Ti Compound Layer
Jeong, Yong-Hoon; Choe, Han-Cheol; Ko, Yeong-Mu;
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Electrochemical properties of Ti-30Ta-Nb alloys coated by HA/Ti compound layer have been studied by various electrochemical method. Ti-30Ta binary alloys contained 3, 7, 10, and 15 wt% Nb contents were manufactured by the vacuum furnace system. The specimens were homogenized for 24 hrs at . The samples were cut and polished for corrosion test and coating. It was coated with HA/Ti compound layer by magnetron sputter. The HA/Ti non-coated and coated morphology of Ti alloy were analyzed by x-ray diffractometer(XRD) and filed emission scanning electron microscope(FE-SEM). The corrosion behaviors were investigated using potentiodynamic method in 0.9% NaCl solution at . The homoginazed Ti-30Ta-)Nb alloys showed the phase, and phase peak was predominantly appeared with increasing Nb content. The microstructure of Ti alloy was transformed from needle-like structure to equiaxed structure as Nb content increased. HA/Ti composite surface showed uniform coating layer with 750 nm thickness. The corrosion resistance of HA/Ti composite coated Ti-alloys were higher than those of the non-coated samples in 0.9% NaCl solution at . Especially, corrosion resistance of Ti-Ta-Nb system increased as Nb content increased.
Electrochemical Properties;Ti-30Ta-(;)Nb alloy;Hydoxyapatite;Magnetron sputter;
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치과용 Ti-6Al-4V 합금 골 고정판 표면에 형성된 나노튜브의 부식거동,김원기;이충환;정재헌;최한철;

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Corrosion Behavior of Nanotube Formed on the Bone Plate of Ti-6Al-4V Alloy for Dental Use, Journal of the Korean institute of surface engineering, 2010, 43, 1, 25  crossref(new windwow)
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