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Performance of OLED Fabricated on the ITO Deposited by Facing Target Sputtering
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 Title & Authors
Performance of OLED Fabricated on the ITO Deposited by Facing Target Sputtering
Yoon, Chul; Kim, Sang-Ho;
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Indium tin oxide (ITO) has been commonly used as an anode for organic light emitting diode (OLED), because of its relatively high work function, high transmittance, and low resistance. The ITO was mostly deposited by capacitive type DC or RF sputtering. In this study we introduced a new facing target sputtering method. On applying this new sputtering method, the effect of fundamental deposition parameters such as substrate heating and post etching were investigated in relation to the resultant I-V-L characteristics of OLED. Three kinds of ITOs deposited at room temperature, at and at with after surface modification by plasma etching were compared. The OLED on ITO deposited with substrate heating and followed by etching showed better I-V-L characteristics, which starts to emit light at 4 volts and has luminescence of at 9 volts. The better I-V-L characteristics were ascribed to the relevant surface roughness with uniform micro-extrusions and to the equi-axed micromorphology of ITO surface.
Organic light emitting diode (OLED);Facing target sputtering (FTS);Indium-tin-oxide (ITO);Surface roughness;Microstructure;
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