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Stability of TiN and WC Coated Dental Abutment Screw
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Stability of TiN and WC Coated Dental Abutment Screw
Son, M.K.; Lee, C.H.; Chung, C.H.; Jeong, Y.H.; Choe, H.C.;
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Dental implant system is composed of abutment, abutment screw and implant fixture connected with screw. The problems of loosening/tightening and stability of abutment screw depend on surface characteristics, like a surface roughness, coating materials and friction resistance and so on. For this reason, surface treatment of abutment screw has been remained research problem in prosthodontics. The purpose of this study was to investigate the stability of TiN and WC coated dental abutment screw, abutment screw was used, respectively, for experiment. For improving the surface characteristics, TiN and WC film coating was carried out on the abutment screw using EB-PVD and sputtering, respectively. In order to observe the coating surface of abutment screw, surfaces of specimens were characterized, using field emission scanning electron microscope(FE-SEM) and energy dispersive x-ray spectroscopy(EDS). The stability of TiN and WC coated abutment screw was evaluated by potentiodynamic, and cyclic potentiodynamic polarization method in 0.9% NaCl solution at . The corrosion potential of TiN coated specimen was higher than those of WC coated and non-coated abutment screw. Whereas, corrosion current density of TiN coated screws was lower than those of WC coated and non-coated abutment screw. The stability of screw decreased as following order; TiN coating, WC coating and non-coated screw. The pitting potentials of TiN and WC coated specimens were higher than that of non-coated abutment screw, but repassivation potential of WC coated specimen was lower than those of TiN coated and non-coated abutment screws due to breakdown of coated film. The degree of local ion dissolution on the surface increased in the order of TiN coated, non-coated and WC coated screws.
Dental implant system;TiN coating;ZrN coating;Electrochemical characteristics;EB-PVD and sputtering;
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치과용 어버트먼트 나사의 반복조임과 풀림 후 표면형상,박찬익;정용훈;최한철;고영무;은상원;정재헌;

대한치과재료학회지, 2010. vol.37. 4, pp.349-354
아-크 이온도금법으로 질화티탄과 질화지르코늄 코팅된 치과용 어버트먼트 나사의 교류임피던스 거동,곽동묵;정용훈;고영무;최한철;정재헌;

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