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Investigation of Transparent Conductive Oxide Films Deposited by Co-sputtering of ITO and AZO
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 Title & Authors
Investigation of Transparent Conductive Oxide Films Deposited by Co-sputtering of ITO and AZO
Kim, Dong-Ho; Kim, Hye-Ri; Lee, Sung-Hun; Byon, Eung-Sun; Lee, Gun-Hwan;
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Transparent conducting thin films of indium tin oxide(ITO) co-sputtered with aluminum-doped zinc oxide(AZO) were deposited on glass substrate by dual magnetron sputtering. It was found that the electrical properties and structural characteristics of the films are significantly changed according to the sputtering power of the AZO target. The IAZTO film prepared with D.C power of ITO at 100 W and R.F power of AZO at 50 W shows an electrical resistivity of and a sheet resistance of (for 150 nm thick). Besides of the improvement of the electrical properties, compared to the ITO films deposited at the same process conditions, the IAZTO films have very smooth surface, which is due to the amorphous nature of the films. However, the electrical conductivity of the IAZTO films was found to be deteriorated along with the crystallization in case of the high temperature deposition (above ). In this work, high quality amorphous transparent conductive oxide layers could be obtained by mixing AZO with ITO, indicating possible use of IAZTO films as the transparent electrodes in OLED and flexible display devices.
Transparent conductive oxide;Indium tin oxide;Aluminum zinc oxide;Sputtering;Electrical transport properties;Transmittance;
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동시 스퍼터링으로 제조한 AZO-ITO 혼합박막의 증착 중 수소 혼입 영향 분석,김혜리;김동호;이성훈;이건환;

한국표면공학회지, 2009. vol.42. 6, pp.267-271 crossref(new window)
ITO 투명 전극 소재 기술 동향,이건환;이성훈;윤정흠;김동호;

인포메이션 디스플레이, 2010. vol.11. 5, pp.17-22
코스퍼터링법을 이용한 GaN LED 투명접촉전극용 NiO-AZO 박막의 제조 및 물성평가,박희우;방준호;;송풍근;

한국표면공학회지, 2011. vol.44. 6, pp.250-254 crossref(new window)
저온 선택적 원자층 증착공정을 이용한 유기태양전지용 AZO 투명전극 제조에 관한 실험적 연구,김기철;송근수;김형태;유경훈;강정진;황준영;이상호;강경태;강희석;조영준;

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