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Effects of TiN/Ti Multilayer Coating on the Ti-30Ta-xZr Alloy Surface
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 Title & Authors
Effects of TiN/Ti Multilayer Coating on the Ti-30Ta-xZr Alloy Surface
Kim, Y.U.; Jeong, Y.H.; Cho, J.Y.; Choe, H.C.; Vang, M.S.;
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Effects of TiN/Ti multilayer coating on the Ti-30Ta-xZr alloy surface were studied by using various experiments. The Ti-30Ta containing Zr (5, 10 and 15 wt%) were melted 10 times to improve chemical homogeneity by using a vacuum furnace. And then samples were homogenized for 24 hrs at . The specimens were prepared for TiN/Ti coating by cutting and polishing. The prepared specimens were coated with TiN/Ti multilayers by using DC magnetron sputtering method. The analyses of coated surface and coated layer were carried out by field emission scanning electron microscope(FE-SEM), EDX, and X-ray diffractometer(XRD). From the microstructure and XRD analysis of Ti-30Ta-xZr alloys, The equiaxed structure was changed to needle-like structure with increasing Zr content. And -peak and elastic modulus increased as Zr content increased. The and phase predominantly were found in the specimen containing high Zr content. According to the analysis of TiN/Ti coating layer, the surface defects and structures of Ti-30Ta-xZr were covered with TiN/Ti coating layer and surface roughness decreased.
TiN/Ti multilayer coating;Ti-30Ta-xZr alloy;DC magnetron sputtering;Surface roughness;
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