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A Study on the Palladium Alloy Membrane for Hydrogen Separation
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 Title & Authors
A Study on the Palladium Alloy Membrane for Hydrogen Separation
Woo, Byung-Il; Kim, Dong-Won;
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This study presented the effect of membrane thickness on hydrogen permeability. Microvoids on the surface of the membrane should not exist for the exact values of hydrogen permeability. Pd-Cu-Ni hydrogen alloy membranes were fabricated by Ni powder sintering, substrate plasma pretreatment, sputtering and Cu reflow process. And this leaded to void-free surface and dense film of Pd-Cu-Ni hydrogen alloy membrane. Hydrogen permeation test showed that hydrogen permeability increased from 2.7 to as membrane thickness decreased from 12 to . This represented the similar trend as a hydrogen permeability of pure palladium membrane based on solution-diffusion mechanism.
Hydrogen permeation;Cu Reflow;Palladium alloy membrane;Void free hydrogen membrane;Sputtering deposition;
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스퍼터 공정변수가 팔라듐 합금 수소분리막의 특성에 미치는 영향,한재윤;주새롬;이준형;박동건;김동원;

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