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The Effect of Passivation Film with Inorganic/Epoxy Layers on Life Time Characteristics of OLED Device
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 Title & Authors
The Effect of Passivation Film with Inorganic/Epoxy Layers on Life Time Characteristics of OLED Device
Lim, Jung-A; Ju, Sung-Hoo; Yang, Jae-Woong;
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The passivation films with epoxy layer on LiF, and LiF/ inorganic layer were fabricated on OLED to protect device from the direct damage of and and to apply for a buffer layer between OLED device and passivation multi-layer with organic/inorganic hybrid structure as to diminish the thermal stress and expansion. Red OLED doped with 1 vol.% Rubrene in was used as a basic device. The device structure was multi-layer of ITO(150 nm) / ELM200_HIL(50 nm) / ELM002_HTL(30 nm) / : 1 vol.% Rubrene(30 nm) / (30 nm) / LiF(0.7 nm) / Al(100 nm). LiF/epoxy applied as a protective layer didn`t contribute to the improvement of life time. While in case of /epoxy, damage was done in the passivation process because of difference in heat expansion between films which could occur during the formation of epoxy film. Using LiF//epoxy improved lifetime significantly without suffering damage in the process of forming films, therefore, the best structure of passivation film with inorganic/epoxy layers was LiF//E1.
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