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Two-step Electroless Plated Pt Ohmic Contacts to p-type InGaAs
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 Title & Authors
Two-step Electroless Plated Pt Ohmic Contacts to p-type InGaAs
Im, Hung-Su; Wang, Kai; Kim, Geun-Woo; Chang, Ji-Ho; Koo, Bon-Heun;
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This work discusses a two-step electroless plating method for preparing a Pt thin film on p-type InGaAs substrate, which is defined as Pt I and Pt II. A thin Pt catalytic layer formed in Pt I bath on the substrate at . In the following Pt II bath, thick Pt films then easily grew on the sensitized layer on InGaAs previously formed in the Pt I bath. The growth of Pt film is strongly influenced by the plating temperature and pH value. To study the plating time effect, the plating of Pt II bath is 5 to 40 min at after using Pt I bath at 50~ for 5min of pH 8~13. Pt film for ohmic contact to p-type InGaAs was successfully prepared by using the two-step Pt electroless plating.
Pt film;p-type InGaAs;CTLM;Ohmic contact;Two-step electroless plating;
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