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Effects of Current Density and Anodization Time on the Properties of Porous Si
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 Title & Authors
Effects of Current Density and Anodization Time on the Properties of Porous Si
Choi, Hyun-Young; Kim, Min-Su; Kim, Ghun-Sik; Cho, Min-Young; Jeon, Su-Min; Yim, Kwang-Gug; Lee, Dong-Yul; Kim, Jin-Soo; Kim, Jong-Su; Leem, Jae-Young;
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The PS(porous Si) were fabricated with different anodization time and current density. The structural and optical properties of PS were investigated by SEM(scanning electron microscopy), AFM(atomic force microscopy), and PL(photoluminescence). It is found that the pore size and surface roughness of PS are proportional to the current density. The PL spectra show that the PL peak position is red-shifted with increasing anodization time. This behavior corresponds to the change of pore size which is consistent with the quantum confinement model. The FWHM(full width at half maximum) of PL peak is decreased from 97 to 51 nm and the PL peak position is blue-shifted with increasing current density up to 10 mA/. The PL peak intensity of the PS fabricated under 1 mA/ is the highest among samples.
Porous Si;Anodization;Photoluminescence;Scanning electron microscopy;
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PdOx가 도핑된 나노 기공구조 SiO2/Si 기반의 수소 게터 제작 및 특성평가,엄누시아;임효령;최요민;정영훈;조정호;좌용호;

한국재료학회지, 2014. vol.24. 11, pp.573-577 crossref(new window)
Fabrication and Characterization of Hydrogen Getter Based on Palladium Oxide Doped Nanoporous SiO2/Si Substrate, Korean Journal of Materials Research, 2014, 24, 11, 573  crossref(new windwow)
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