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Syntheses and Mechanical Properties of Quaternary Cr-Si-O-N Coatings by Hybrid Coating System
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Syntheses and Mechanical Properties of Quaternary Cr-Si-O-N Coatings by Hybrid Coating System
Lee, Jeong-Doo; Wang, Qi Min; Kim, Kwang-Ho;
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In the present work, the influence of oxide on the Cr-Si-N coatings was investigated for the Cr-Si-O-N coatings on AISI 304 and Si wafer deposited by hybrid system, which combines the DC magnetron sputtering technique and arc ion plating (AIP) using Cr and Si target in an gaseous mixture. As the O content in the Cr-Si-N coatings increased, the diffraction patterns of the Cr-Si-O-N coatings showed CrN and phases. However, as the O content increased to 28.8 at.%, diffraction peak of was disappeared in the Cr-Si-O-N coating. The value was decreased with increasing of O content. The average grain size increased from about 40 nm to 65 nm as the O content increased. The maximum micro-hardness of the Cr-Si-O-N coating was obtained 4507 Hk at the O content of 24.8 at.%. The average friction coefficient of the Cr-Si-O-N coatings was gradually decreased by increasing the O content and the average friction coefficient decreased from 0.37 to 0.25 by increasing the O content. These results indicated that amorphous phase was increased in the Cr-Si-O-N coatings by increasing of O content.
Influence of oxide;Cr-Si-O-N;Hybrid system;Micro-hardness;;Average friction coefficient;Amorphous;
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DC 스퍼터법과 비대칭 양극성 펄스 스퍼터법으로 제작된 고분자 전해질 연료전지 금속분리판용 CrN 코팅막의 특성 연구,박상원;전성용;

한국세라믹학회지 , 2013. vol.50. 6, pp.390-395 crossref(new window)
A Comparative Study of CrN Coatings Deposited by DC and Pulsed DC Asymmetric Bipolar Sputtering for a Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cell (PEMFC) Metallic Bipolar Plate, Journal of the Korean Ceramic Society, 2013, 50, 6, 390  crossref(new windwow)
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