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Effects of DC Substrate Bias Power Sources and Reactant Gas Ratio on Synthesis and Tribological Properties of Ternary B-C-N Coatings
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 Title & Authors
Effects of DC Substrate Bias Power Sources and Reactant Gas Ratio on Synthesis and Tribological Properties of Ternary B-C-N Coatings
Jeong, Da-Woon; Kim, Doo-In; Kim, Kwang-Ho;
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Ternary B-C-N coatings were deposited on Si(100) wafer substrate from target by RF magnetron sputtering technique in gas mixture. In this work, the effect of reactant gas ratio, on the composition, kinds and amounts of bonding states comprising B-C-N coatings were investigated using two different bias power sources of continuous and unipolar DCs. In addition, the tribological properties of coatings were studied with the composition and bonding state of coating. It was found that the substrate bias power had an effect on chemical composition, and all of the obtained coatings were nearly amorphous. Main bonding states of coatings were revealed from FTIR analyses to be h-BN, C-C, C-N, and B-C. The amount of C-C bonging mainly increased with increase of the reactant gas ratio. From our studies, both C-C and h-BN bonding states improved the tribological properties but B-C one was found to be harmful on those. The best coating from tribological points of view was found to be composition.
B-C-N;RF magnetron sputtering;Bonding characteristics;Tribological properties;
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