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Influence of Ammonia and Na2EDTA on Properties of Chemical Bath Deposited ZnS Thin Films
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 Title & Authors
Influence of Ammonia and Na2EDTA on Properties of Chemical Bath Deposited ZnS Thin Films
Kim, Gwan-Tae; Lee, Hae-Ki; Park, Byung-Ok;
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ZnS thin films were prepared on glass substrate by using chemical bath deposition method. The influence of ammonia () and () as complexing agents on structural and optical properties of ZnS thin films were investigated. Zinc acetate dihydrate () and thiourea () were used as a starting materials and distilled water was used as a solvent. All ZnS thin films, regardless of a kind of complexing agents, had the hexagonal structure (-ZnS) and had a preferred <101> orientation. ZnS thin films, with 4 M ammonia and with 4 M ammonia and 0.1 M , had the highest <101> peak intensity. In addition, their average particle size are 280 nm and 220 nm, respectively. The average optical transmittances of all films were higher than 60% in the visible range. The optical direct band gap values of films were about 3.6~3.8 eV.
ZnS thin film;Chemical bath deposition;Ammonia;;
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