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NO2 gas sensing properties of UV activated ZnS nanowires at room temperature
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 Title & Authors
NO2 gas sensing properties of UV activated ZnS nanowires at room temperature
Kang, Wooseung;
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ZnS nanowires were synthesized in order to investigate gas sensing properties. They were grown on the sapphire substrate using ZnS powders. SEM (scanning electron microscopy) showed the diameter and length of the ZnS nanowires were approximately in the range of 50 - 100 nm and a few , respectively. They were also found to be composed of Wurtzite- structured single crystals from TEM (transmission electron microscopy) analysis. gas sensing performance of the ZnS nanowire was measured with electrical resistance changes caused by gas with a concentration of 1-5ppm. The sensor was UV treated with an intensity of to facilitate charge carrier transfer. The responses of the ZnS nanowires to the gas at room temperature, treated with UV of two different wavelengths of 365 nm and 254 nm, are measured to be 124.53 - 206.87 % and 233.97 - 554.83%, respectively. In the current work, the effect of UV treatment on the gas sensing performance of the ZnS nanowires was studied. And the underlying mechanism for the electrical resistance changes of the ZnS nanowires by gas was also discussed.
ZnS nanowires;gas sensor;;UV;room temperature;
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