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Effect of Inductively Coupled Plasma on the Microstructure, Structure and Mechanical Properties of NbN Coatings
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Effect of Inductively Coupled Plasma on the Microstructure, Structure and Mechanical Properties of NbN Coatings
Chun, Sung-Yong;
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NbN coatings were prepared by ICP (inductively coupled plasma) assisted magnetron sputtering from a Nb metal target in atmosphere at various ICP powers. Effect of ICP on the microstructure, crystalline structure and mechanical properties of NbN coatings was investigated by field emission electron microscopy, X-ray diffraction, atomic force microscopy and nanoindentation measurements. The results show that ICP power has a significant influence on coating microstructure, structure and mechanical properties of NbN coatings. With the increasing of ICP power, coating microstructure evolves from the columnar structure of DC process to a highly dense one. Crystalline structure of NbN coatings were changed from cubic -NbN to hexagonal with increase of ICP power. The maximum nano hardness of 25.4 GPa with Ra roughness of 0.5 nm was obtained from the NbN coating sputtered at ICP power of 200 W.
Inductively Coupled Plasma;NbN coatings;Roughness;Structure;Morphology;
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유도결합 플라즈마 파워가 VN 코팅막의 미세구조, 결정구조 및 기계적 특성에 미치는 영향에 관한 연구,전성용;이소연;

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