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A Study on the Potassium Gettering in Al-1%Si/SiO2/PSG Multilevel Thin Films
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 Title & Authors
A Study on the Potassium Gettering in Al-1%Si/SiO2/PSG Multilevel Thin Films
Kim, Jin Young;
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In order to investigate the potassium (K) gettering, Al-1%Si//PSG multilevel thin films were fabricated. Al-1%Si thin films and /PSG passivations were deposited by using DC magnetron sputter techniques and APCVD (atmosphere pressure chemical vapor deposition), respectively. Heat treatment was carried out at for 5 h in air. SIMS (secondary ion mass spectrometry) depth profiling analysis was used to determine the distribution of K, Al, Si, P, and other elements throughout the /PSG passivated Al-1%Si thin film interconnections. Potassium peaks were observed throughout the /PSG passivation layers, and especially the interface gettering at the /PSG and at the Al-1%Si/ interfaces was observed. Potassium gettering in Al-1%Si//PSG multilevel thin films is considered to be caused by a segregation type of gettering.
potassium;gettering;SIMS depth profiling;segregation;
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XPS와 SIMS를 이용한 PSG/SiO2/Al-1%Si 적층 박막내의 Na 게터링 분석,김진영;

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Analysis of the Na Gettering in PSG/SiO2/Al-1%Si Multilevel Thin Films using XPS and SIMS, Journal of the Korean institute of surface engineering, 2016, 49, 5, 467  crossref(new windwow)
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