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A Study on Characteristics of the Ni-Pd Alloy Electroplating
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 Title & Authors
A Study on Characteristics of the Ni-Pd Alloy Electroplating
Cho, Eun-Sang; Jung, Dae-Gon; Cho, Jin-Ki;
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The test equipment becomes more important with the development of semiconductor industry. MEMS probe is an important testing component to detect the defects from the generated electric signal when it contacts the metal pad of semiconductor devices. Ni-Pd alloy has been paid attention to as a candidate of MEMS probe material because of its high surface hardness and relatively low resistivity. In this study, electroplated Ni-Pd alloy has been prepared by using ethylene diamine as a complexing agent. Solid solution alloy coating could be formed when concentration of palladium chloride and current density were in the ranges of 1~5 mM and , respectively. The increase of current density brought about an decrease in palladium content, which made both of lattice parameter and grain size smaller. As a result of grain refinement, high hardness could be obtained. However, surface cracking was observed due to residual stress when the current density was above . When effects of heat treatment temperature on hardness and sheet resistance were investigated, the accompanied grain growth decreased both of them. The decrease of hardness remained stable at a temperature of . The sheet resistance was drastically reduced at . After that, it was found to become constant.
Nickel-Palladium Alloy;Electroplating;Hardness;X-ray diffraction;Lattice parameter;Heat treatment;Sheet resistance;
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