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NO2 Sensing Properties of β-Bi2O3 Nanowires Sensor Coated with Pd Nanoparticles
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 Title & Authors
NO2 Sensing Properties of β-Bi2O3 Nanowires Sensor Coated with Pd Nanoparticles
Park, Sunghoon; Kang, Wooseung;
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Pd-functionalized nanowires are synthesized by thermal evaporation of Bi powder using VLS mechanism followed by Pd coating and annealing. In this study, sensing properties of Pd-functionalized nanowires sensor to selected concentrations of gas were examined. Scanning electron microscopy showed that the nanowires with diameters in a range of 100 - 200 nm and lengths of up to a few tens of micrometers. Transmission electron microscopy and X-ray diffraction confirmed that the products corresponded to the nanowires of crystals and Pd nanoparticles. Pd-functionalized nanowires sensor showed an enhanced sensing performance to gas compared to as-synthesized nanowires sensor. As synthesized and Pd-functionalized nanowire sensors showed responses of 178% - 338% and 196% - 535% at , respectively, to 0.05 - 2 ppm . In addition, the underlying mechanism of the enhancement of the sensing properties of nanowires by Pd-functionalization is discussed.
;nanowires;Pd;;gas sensor;
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