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Electrochemical Characteristics under Cavitation-Erosion Environment of STS 304 and Hot-Dip Aluminized STS 304 in Sea Water Solution
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 Title & Authors
Electrochemical Characteristics under Cavitation-Erosion Environment of STS 304 and Hot-Dip Aluminized STS 304 in Sea Water Solution
Chong, Sang-Ok; Kim, Seong-Jong;
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In this paper, the characteristics of a cavitation-erosion damage behavior on the STS 304 and hot-dip aluminized STS 304 under cavitation environment in sea water solution was investigated. The electrochemical experiments were carried out by potential measurement, anodic/cathodic polarization test, Tafel analysis, and also galvanostatic experiment in current density variables for the samples. The apparatus of cavitation-electrochemical experiment was manufactured in compliance with modified ASTM G-32 standard, with the conditions of sea water temperature of and the measurement, amplitude of . The damage behavior was analyzed by an observation of surface mophologies and a measurement of damage depth by a scanning electron microscope(SEM) and a 3D microscope, respectively, after electrochemical test. After polarization experiment under cavitation environment, much higher damage depths for the hot-dip aluminized STS 304 were observed comparing to the untreated STS 304. In addition, higher corrosion current density in hot-dip aluminized STS 304 presented than that of untreated STS 304 as a result of Tafel analysis.
Cavitation;Hot-dip aluminized;Stainless steel;Sea water;Corrosion current density;
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