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Effect of Deposition Temperature on the Properties of Eu3+-doped MgMoO4 Phosphor Thin Films
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 Title & Authors
Effect of Deposition Temperature on the Properties of Eu3+-doped MgMoO4 Phosphor Thin Films
Kang, Dongkyun; Cho, Shinho;
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-doped phosphor thin films were deposited on quartz substrates by radio frequency magnetron sputtering with changing various growth temperatures. The effects of growth temperature on the structure, transmittance, optical band gap, and luminescence of the phosphor thin films were characterized. All the phosphor thin films, irrespective of growth temperature, showed a monoclinic structure with a main (220) diffraction peak. The thin film deposited at a growth temperature of indicated an average transmittance of 90% in the wavelength range of 500 ~ 1100 nm and band gap energy of 4.81 eV. The excitation spectra of the phosphor thin films consisted of a broad charge transfer band peaked at 284 nm in the range of 230 ~ 330 nm and two weak peaks located at 368 and 461 nm, respectively. The emission spectra under ultraviolet excitation at 284 nm exhibited a sharp emission peak at 614 nm and several weak bands. All the phosphor thin films showed high asymmetry ratio values, indicating that ions incorporated into the host lattice occupied at the non-inversion symmetry sites. The results suggest that the growth temperature plays an important role in growing high-quality phosphor thin films.
Thin Film;Phosphor;Sputtering;;
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