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Development of AgNW/Reduced Graphene Oxide Hybrid Transparent Electrode with Long-Term Stability Using Plasma Reduction
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 Title & Authors
Development of AgNW/Reduced Graphene Oxide Hybrid Transparent Electrode with Long-Term Stability Using Plasma Reduction
Jung, Sunghoon; Ahn, Wonmin; Kim, Do-Geun;
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The development of high performance transparent electrode with flexibility have been required for flexible electronics. Here, we demonstrate the silver nanowire and reduced graphene oxide hybrid transparent electrode for replacing brittle indium-tin-oxide electrode by spray coating technique and plasma reduction. The spray coating system is applied to deposit silver nanowire and over coated graphene oxide films and it has a great potential to scale-up. The resistance of silver nanowire transparent electrode is reduced by 10% and the surface roughness is decreased after graphene oxide coating. The over-coated graphene oxide is successfully reduced by plasma treatment and it is effective in increasing the environmental stability of electrode. The lifetime of silver nanowire and reduced graphene oxide hybrid electrode at of Celsius degree of temperature and 85% of relative humidity has much increased.
Silver nanowire;Transparent electrode;Plasma reduction;Graphene oxide;
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