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Study on Electron Temperature Diagnostic and the ITO Thin Film Characteristics of the Plasma Emission Intensity by the Oxygen Gas Flow
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 Title & Authors
Study on Electron Temperature Diagnostic and the ITO Thin Film Characteristics of the Plasma Emission Intensity by the Oxygen Gas Flow
Park, Hye Jin; Choi, Jin-Woo; Jo, Tae Hoon; Yun, Myoung Soo; Kwon, Gi-Chung;
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The plasma has been used in various industrial fields of semiconductors, displays, transparent electrode and so on. Plasma diagnostics is critical to the uniform process and the product. We use the electron temperature of the various plasma parameters for the diagnosis of plasma. Generally, the range of the electron temperature which is used in a semiconductor process used the range of 1 eV to 10 eV. The difference of electron temperature of 0.5 eV has a influence in plasma process. The electron temperature can be measured by the electrical method and the optical method. Measurement of electron temperature for various gas flow rates was performed in DC-magnetron sputter and Inductively Coupled Plasma. The physical properties of the thin film were also determined by changing electron temperatures. The transmittance was measured using the integrating sphere, and wavelength range was measured at 300 ~ 1100 nm. We obtain the thin film of the mobility, resistivity and carrier concentration using the hall measurement system. As to the electron temperature increase, optical and electrical properties decrease. We determine it was influenced by the oxygen flow ratio and plasma.
DC-magnetron sputtering;Inductively Coupled Plasma;Double Langmuir Probe;Line ratio method;Electron temperature;
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