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Non-destructive Analysis of Nano-sized Crack Morphology of Electro-deposit by Using Small Angle Neutron Scattering
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 Title & Authors
Non-destructive Analysis of Nano-sized Crack Morphology of Electro-deposit by Using Small Angle Neutron Scattering
Choi, Yong; Shin, Eun Joo; Hahn, Young Soo; Seung, Baik Seok;
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A method to quantitatively analyze the defects formed by the hydrogen evolution during electroplating was suggested based on the theoretical approach of the small angle neutron scattering technique. In case of trivalent chrome layers, an isolated defect size due to the hydrogen evolution was about 40 nm. Direct and pulse plating conditions gave the average defect size of about 4.9 and with rod or calabash shape, respectively. Current density change of the pulse plating from to enlarged the average defect size from 3.3 to . The defect morphology like rod or calabash was originated by inter-connecting the isolated defects. Small angle neutron scattering was useful to quantitatively evaluate defect morphology of the deposit.
Electroplating;Trivalent chrome;Small angle neutron scattering;Defects;Non-destructive analysis method;
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