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Electrochemical Characteristics of Arc Thermal Sprayed Inconel 625 Coating on SS400 Steel in Seawater
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 Title & Authors
Electrochemical Characteristics of Arc Thermal Sprayed Inconel 625 Coating on SS400 Steel in Seawater
Park, Il-Cho; Kim, Seong-Jong;
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In this paper, various electrochemical experiments were conducted in seawater solution to evaluate corrosion damage behavior of arc thermal sprayed Inconel 625 coating on SS400 steel in marine environment. As a result, corrosion damages of thermal sprayed Inconel 625 coating preferentially occurred at the defect area, and they were observed as a form of pitting corrosion in the galvanostatic experiments. In Tafel analysis, corrosion current density of Inconel 625 coating was relatively high due to influence of interconnected pores and Cr oxides in the thermal spray coating layer. On the other hand, the result of the potential measurement, thermal sprayed Inconel 625 coating should need the post-treatment which can compensate the defects like pores and cracks because Inconel 625 coating presented a higher potential of about 290 mV than that of the SS400 steel.
Inconel 625;Arc thermal spraying;Seawater;Electrochemical characteristics;
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