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Improved Properties of Li4Ti5O2 (LTO) by Surface Modification with Carbon Nanotube (CNT)
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 Title & Authors
Improved Properties of Li4Ti5O2 (LTO) by Surface Modification with Carbon Nanotube (CNT)
Park, Soo-Gil; Kim, Cheong; Habazaki, Hiroki;
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Among the lithium metal oxides for hybrid-capacity, is an emerging electrode material as zero-stain material in volume change during the with the charging and discharging processes. However, LTO has a limitation of low ionic and electronic conductivity. To enhance the ionic and electronic properties of , we synthesized the spherical LTO/CNT composite by sol-gel process for hybrid capacitors. CNT interconnection networks between CNT-LTO particles enhanced electronic conductivity and electrochemical charging/discharging properties. All of the LTO samples was observed to show the spinel structure and spherical morphology with the diameter of . Especially, spherical LTO/CNT composite of the CNT-3 wt% showed the enhanced capacity from 110 mAh/g to 140 mAh/g at 10 C.
LTO/CNT composite material;Hybrid-capacitor;
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AAO (Anodized Aluminium Oxide) template 제조 및 이를 이용해 제조한 탄소 및 산화 금속 나노 섬유 물질에 관한 연구,김청;박수길;

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