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Influence of Heat Treatment and Magnesium Content on Corrosion Resistance of Al-Mg Coated Steel Sheet
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 Title & Authors
Influence of Heat Treatment and Magnesium Content on Corrosion Resistance of Al-Mg Coated Steel Sheet
Kang, Jae Wook; Park, Jun-Mu; Hwang, Sung-Hwa; Lee, Seung-Hyo; Moon, Kyung-Man; Lee, Myeong-Hoon;
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This study was intended to investigate the effect of the amount of magnesium addition and heat treatment in the Al-Mg coating film in order to improve corrosion resistance of aluminum coating. Al-Mg alloy films were deposited on cold rolled steel by physical vapor deposition sputtering method. Heat treatment was fulfilled in an nitrogen atmosphere at the temperature of for 10 min. The morphology was observed by SEM, component and phase of the deposited films were investigated by using GDLS and XRD, respectively. The corrosion behaviors of Al-Mg films were estimated by exposing salt spray test at 5 wt.% NaCl solution and measuring polarization curves in deaerated 3 wt.% NaCl solution. With the increase of magnesium content, the morphology of the deposited Al-Mg films changed from columnar to featureless structure and particle size was became fine. The x-ray diffraction data for deposited Al-Mg films showed only pure Al peaks. However, Al-Mg alloy peaks such as and were formed after heat treatment. All the sputtered Al-Mg films obviously showed good corrosion resistance compared with aluminum and zinc films. And corrosion resistance of Al-Mg film was increased after heat treatment.
Al-Mg coating;Physical vapor deposition;Corrosion resistance;Heat treatment;
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