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Adhesion Change of AZO/PET Film by ZrCu Insertion Layer
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 Title & Authors
Adhesion Change of AZO/PET Film by ZrCu Insertion Layer
Ko, Sang-Won; Jung, Jong-Gook; Park, Kyeong-Soon; Lim, Sil-Mook;
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In order to form an aluminum-doped zinc oxide (AZO) transparent electrode film on a polyethylene terephthalate (PET) substrate used for a flexible display substrate, the AZO transparent electrode was produced at low temperature without substrate heating. Even though the produced electrode showed characteristic optical transmittance of 90 % (at 550 nm) and sheet resistance within , cracks occurred 10 minutes after loading applied 2 mm radius of curvature, and the sheet resistance increased linearly. An insertion layer of ZrCu was formed between the AZO film and the PET substrate to suppress the generation of cracks on the AZO film. It was verified that the crack was not generated 30 minutes after the loading of 2 mm radius of curvature, and no increase in sheet resistance was recorded. There was also not cracks in the dynamic bending test of 4 mm radius, but surface resistance was slightly increased. As a result, the ZrCu insertion film improved the interfacial adhesion between the substrate and AZO film layer without increasing sheet resistance and decreasing transmittance.
AZO;Transparent electrode film;Metallic glass;Flexible substrate;Adhesion layer;Insertion layer;
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