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Adsorption Analysis of Fluorescent Whitening Agent on Cellulosic Fibers by Zeta Potential Measurement
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 Title & Authors
Adsorption Analysis of Fluorescent Whitening Agent on Cellulosic Fibers by Zeta Potential Measurement
Lee, Ji Young; Kim, Eun Hea; Kim, Chul Hwan; Park, Jong Hye;
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Many researchers have proposed analytical methods to measure the adsorption of di-sulpho fluorescent whitening agents (D-FWAs), but practical methods for D-FWA utilization in an actual paper mill have not been established. In particular, the D-FWA adsorption behavior must be monitored in paper mills to ensure the effective use of D-FWAs. This study used the zeta-potential of pulps as an indicator of the adsorption behavior of a D-FWA. We identified the relationship between the actual adsorption of the D-FWA and the zeta-potential of the pulps as a function of D-FWA addition. zeta-potential measurements were then used to analyze the D-FWA adsorption behavior under different conditions of pulp type, conductivity, and pH. The actual adsorption of a D-FWA was proportional to the of the pulps (i.e., the difference between the zeta-potential of a pulp containing no D-FWA and one containing the D-FWA). The of the pulps was therefore adopted for adsorption analysis. A higher adsorption of the D-FWA was observed onto Hw-BKP than onto Sw-BKP because of the shorter fiber length and higher fines content of Hw-BKP. A high conductivity and an acidic pH decreased the D-FWA adsorption because of direct effects of high ion concentrations and low pH on the D-FWA solubility. Therefore, a D-FWA must be added to Hw-BKP under low conductivity conditions and at neutral or alkaline pH to optimize the D-FWA adsorption.
Fluorescent whitening agent;adsorption;zeta-potential;pulp type;conductivity;pH;
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