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Cadmium Adsorption Characteristic of Cellulose-gel Manufacture using Alkali Solvent
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 Title & Authors
Cadmium Adsorption Characteristic of Cellulose-gel Manufacture using Alkali Solvent
Hwang, Kyo-Jung; Kwon, Gu-Joong; Yang, Ji-Wook; Hwang, Won-Jung; Hwang, Jae-Hyun; Kim, Dae-Young;
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This study was carried out to investigate the characterization of cadmium adsorption by cellulose hydrogel and aerogel. Hydrogel and aerogel were made from ashless pulp dissolved in alkali hydroxide-urea aqueous solution and manufactured in film and bead types. After regeneration of cellulose, hydrogel went through the process of substitution of organic solvent and freeze-dry in order to make aerogel. SEM was used to analyze the microstructure of hydrogel and aerogel. Experiment was conducted in various concentrations and pH conditions to find out the characteristic of cadmium adsorption. After that, EDS was used to identify existence and distribution of cadmium in hydrogel and aerogel. The result from comparisons of cadmium adsorption shows that bead type aerogel has the maximum cadmium adsorption and film type hydrogel has the minimum cadmium adsorption.
Cellulose;alkali hydroxide-urea solution;hydrogel;aerogel;cadmium adsorption;
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