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Delignification of Lignocellulosic Biomass with High-Boiling Point Solvent and Acidic Catalyst
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 Title & Authors
Delignification of Lignocellulosic Biomass with High-Boiling Point Solvent and Acidic Catalyst
Kim, Kang-Jae; Jung, Jin-Dong; Jung, Soo-Eun; Hong, Sung-Bum; Eom, Tae-Jin;
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In this study, we separated the lignin from the wood by using the high boiling point solvent for developing more environmental friendly pulping method. High boiling point solvents as Ethers, glycols and ketones were used to remove the lignin in the pine wood meals. The Yield and lignin content of residual wood meals was reduced according to the input of the catalyst. Me-C, E-Ca, TEG and MIBK had the best delignification rate of 9 kinds of high-boiling point solvents. At the hydrolysis ratio of the selected solvents, The TEG was highest remain ratio of carbohydrates and the E-Ca was lowest remain ratio of lignin. And the Me-C was most excellent lignin hydrolysis ratio at the low catalyst. The selectivity of delignification of Me-C, E-Ca, TEG and MIBK solvents were 49.6, 49.9, 53.8 and 53.1%, respectively, and its values were similar to those of the commercial Kraft Pulp.
High-boiling point solvent;selectivity of delignification;yield;residual lignin;organosolv pulping;
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고비점 용제와 산 촉매의 종류에 따른 소나무 목분의 탈리그닌화,홍성범;김강재;엄태진;

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